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"Oh gosh, I do love these people! I'm assuming you know The Hollands! If not.. follow these instructions: go immediately and listen to them sing.. (preferably in person) and buy a cd.  It will be played over and over and over... I'm tellin' you, their music is perfect and relevant and joyful and heart grabbing." Kara Counard ~Bloom Photograpy


​1. Winter By The Bay

2. Kill Joy

​3. Set You Free

​4. The Shack

​5. Father's Daughter

​6. Kindness Flows
​7. Still You Are There
​8. Arise, Ye Sons and Daughers

9. To Holland, With Love

10. Shadows

11. Cry Crow Cry

12. That Fatal Shore

13. No Blue Sunday's

To Holland, with Love

​Released April 2009

CD Reviews


"We just got our new CD today! It is lovely and very well done!! Great job, you Hollands!  Really love "Lanie Done Did"...can't get it outta my head!" ~Basho Parks


"Beautiful, elegant songs interspersed with exuberant work. The Hollands! make hand-forged, civilized folk." ~Johan Schoenmakers, AltCountryForum
"Your songs are wonderful, melodic, and actually about things that matter." ~Alex Galt, Owner Kavarna

"...simple, acoustic folk jams with a variety of instruments sharing the spotlight, falling somewhere in between The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, and Flatfoot 56." ~Josh Hedlund, IndieVisionMusic

" The Hollands have recorded a classic folk-rooted  collection that grows on you with each replaying, simple and yet profound." ~Stephen Kastner, Door County Style Magazine

​"The Hollands are constantly changing and being influenced by other music/art and while Jana and Craig both pull from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, the final product they brought to the show tonight was original and amazing. " TJ,

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