Lend a Helping Hand

"Tillers and Travelers. We are a Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. Bound by blood and vision to travel about this earth, spreading a message of reconciliation through LOVE. We make our way sharing the gifts and talents given us; Music, Craftsmanship, Mentorship and Instruction, Merrymaking and Community building. Our desire is to connect with those we find along the way and encourage community and growth in relationship. Your financial help allows us the opportunity to put our hands to works, sharing our talents and serving others. Thank you for keeping us on our way.



​Would you like to partner with us?

You can make your tax deductible donation thru Modern Day by clicking the link to the left.

We document our travels at www.tilllersandtravelers.org



We work alongside nonprofits who care for those in poverty. One of our ongoing goals is to bring live concerts and workshops to venues that normally wouldn't be able to afford it.


If you would like to support this effort please consider a Donation. Your generosity will subsidize an exciting performance or creative workshop for a new audience that will greatly appreciate your gift.